Holy shit getting that motor out was a lot of work.  First of all it felt like it weighed 200lbs, but I can’t find the engine specs anywhere online that list the weight.  Second of all, I swear I only had an eighth of an inch on each side of it to wiggle it out.  I only disconnected the bare minimum to get it out.  All the wiring harnesses were still attached, and I didn’t even remove the carbs.  The process was jack, pry, wiggle, jack pry wiggle…for about an hour.

The weight of the electric motor is listed as 39lbs and my estimated battery weight will be around 60lbs for a total of 100lbs.  If I guess that the old motor weighed 150lbs, the battery weighs 10,  3.4 gallons of gas weighs about 20,  and 2.6 quarts of oil weighs about 5 for a total of 185lbs shed.  So the finished bike should be about 85lbs or more lighter than the original.  If I shed 15lbs of fat, that’ll get me a 100lb savings.  I’m not including all the supporting crap, because I’m guessing that the supporting crap for both engines will be approximately the same.

Tore lots of other shit off too as you can see.  The heavy-ass chrome fenders will be going too, but I’m not sure if I will create the replacements out of one of these.  I have to see if anything closer to what I want is available.

The one thing I took careful note of was the precise location of the sprocket.


I took another picture like this measuring horizontally to the edge of a mount welded onto the frame.  I also etched a line on the frame then popped a mark with a cold punch so I’ll know exactly where the ruler was even if I paint it.  The shaft the sprocket was bolted to was hollow, so I found a piece of dowel that was a hair smaller, wrapped it a couple times with tape to fill the hole exactly, and sharpened the dowel in a pencil sharpener to get the precise center, and I lined the end of the ruler up with that before I clamped it.  I did this with the goal of creating a motor mount to locate the electric motor shaft exactly in the same spot as the original.

As I was tearing shit off, I was constantly reminded that old, dirty gasoline engines are fucking gross…filthy, greasy, stinking, and filled with noxious petroleum-based chemicals.  One benefit of electric motors is that they are dry and clean.  Maybe I’ll price out a belt drive system so I won’t have a sticky, filthy chain to deal with.

Hobbies are fun.


Step 3: tear lots of shit off of the bike

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