Doing what I can…

…with what I have on hand.

Ideally, restoring, rebuilding or converting a vehicle starts with the essential (motor, drive train, electrical, brakes, etc.) then moves on to cosmetic stuff like making stuff shiny, painting, and style upgrades.  With this project I’m doing what I can with what I have while I wait for stuff to arrive in the mail.

The obvious absentee is the motor.  I’ve created a precise 3d representation of the motor in cardboard, and have a prototype motor mount also made from cardboard.


I’m totally scrapping this design, but the process of aligning everything up and marrying the motor to the frame was totally  worth it.  The string is the exact chainline.  Everything is also plumb vertically to match the rear sprocket.  I have a 1/4″ thick aluminum plate that I will make the motor mount from, but am waiting for the motor to arrive before I cut anything.  The final design will use a lot less material, be mounted on the outside of the top rear mount, and I will not be using the forward mount.  I’ll be welding something across the bottom of the frame, and will mount to it instead.  I’ll also have a strap around the far end of the motor for additional stability.

But I’ve been messing with other stuff while I wait for the motor…

Cleaned up the forks today, but I’m waiting for the new boots to arrive before I can reinstall them.  Before and after…

Cleaned up the rear wheel a couple days ago…

Also in the process of rebuilding the front brake caliper which was totally fucking seized with rust.  It’s a miracle I was able to get the pistons out at all.  Took hours.  I’m waiting for some new seals and pads to the old ones were pretty rotten.

Got in some motocross handlebars, and installed those with new switches (ignition, horn, turn signal, hazard, high/low beam etc.) and the brake fluid reservoir, and lever.  Have not decided what I want to do with the instrument panel, but I will be replacing it.  Waiting for my new twist throttle for the electric motor, and also grips.

I’ve also been continuously fucking with batteries.  Sorting the bad from good, and measuring capacities.  Only when I have that completed can I start assembling them into packs.


I will continue doing what I can until the motor arrives.


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