The motor is mounted

I have the motor in the bike!  Woot!


And the 14 tooth sprocket is installed.

I welded up this work of art to assist the aluminum plate:

You can see it installed here:

And here:

It fits very tightly, and really hugs the motor to the frame.  Combined with the 1/4″ aluminum plate, it’s pretty damn solid.  But anyway…how about that welding?  I’m starting to get my welding legs under me.

I’m still running a battery testing mill in my living room, still tearing all kinds of crap off the bike, and almost have the front end back together.  I just got my new seals, stainless banjo bolts/washers, and stainless hose for the front brake caliper, and will get that rebuilt tomorrow.  I swear I saved 15lbs on all the crap I tore off the front end…I’ll try to remember to stick it all in a box and weigh it  All the bolts holding the disc on the wheel are rusted beyond belief, and I’ve ordered stainless replacements (Home Depot did not have anything I could use).  I want to post a pic, but will wait until it’s more complete.

I’ve also started hashing out a wiring diagram to work from.  It’s a bit of a mash-up of some other electric vehicle diagrams I found.  I’ll post that when I get it done.

I’d also like to set up a complete bench test of all of the major components, but to do that I need to bite the bullet and get a charger.  They are so fucking expensive I will probably wait until after the holidays.


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