Lots of updates

Chopped the fenders, sanded the shine out of the chrome, then clear coated with engine enamel.  Started prepping the tank to strip that god awful pinky red paint off.  The plan is to leave it bare metal clearcoated.  Front end is looking a little Steve McQueenish.


Also got the front end nearly done.  Brakes are now rebuilt and working great.  Also cleaned up the front wheel and disc.  New braided line to replace the five pounds of connectors originally used.


New tiny headlight to replace the giant heavy original.  Tossed the heavy-ass fork ears that used to mount the old headlight.  Installed motocross rubber fork boots to replace the totally rotten originals.



I’ve fixed up these little headlight brackets I made, and they are now painted black.


Tore off the massive original instrument panel, and replaced it with a tiny little speedo/odometer that has a few little led indicators in it.  It runs off the front wheel just like the original.  I’ll also have a little digital instrument panel called a “cycle analyst” that will help me keep track of my battery charge level as well as current draw, and other stuff.  I might hook it up to my drill or something to see if I can put the original miles on it.  Haven’t decided yet.

Started working on the seat pan.  Most cafe/brat/trackers completely ditch the rear fender, and weld on a rear hoop, but I like the way this chopped fender looks, and where it’s mounted.  The downside is it makes my seat design quite a bit more complicated.  So I’m making a fiberglass pan.

Here’s the seat area after I cut off a shit tonne of tabs, hinges, and a big lock assembly:

Here’s the start of the pan:


Hate to cover up my pretty fender with a big ugly plate.  I might relocate it later to the bottom of one of the shocks.  It’s against the law here to run it vertically, so I don’t know if I’ll want it sticking way out.  Another little plate rule allows me to run this 1974 plate because this bike is technically an antique.  The law says that I can run an original plate like this, but that I have to have the real plate with me.  I can keep it under the seat or something.


New smaller, louder horn:




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