Starting the electrical

Much of the fun/easy stuff is done, and I’m moving on to the electrical systems.  There are basically two…the 12 volt system (all the lights, ignition, horn, etc.) , and the 72 volt system (the main battery, controller, motor…all the drive stuff).

The systems do connect via the ignition and main contactor, but that’s about it.

I’ll be making a 12 volt battery out of my “b grade” 18650 cells.  This will eliminate the need for a DC to DC convertor.

I made a little compartment out of flattened PVC to house the controller, fuse box, flasher relay, starter relay, and contactor under the seat.  All these components will eventually be hidden by some kind of side cover.

The PVC compartment painted black:


The left side showing the fuse box which has a red LED that lights when a fuse blows:


See the little spring through the hole?  It’s a simple little suspension system I created to ease the vibration of the controller.  Not completely necessary, but I have an aversion to violently shaking delicate circuitry, and because why not add in some unnecessary complexity?


In the picture below you can see the business end of the main contactor, it’s precharge resistor, and the smaller coil suppression diode.  And that thing towards the front of the compartment is the original brake switch that I rigged up in a slightly different position than original with a little bracket I made from a piece of duct strapping (the little silver band with holes in it).



I don’t have the relays in yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to post an electrical schematic when I get one done.  As of right now I’m working off of the controller schematic, and a generic flasher/hazard relay schematic, and a few other EV diagrams.

Oh yeah…got all the rear brake bits reassembled and the new chain installed.  Everything is precisely aligned like I knew it would be.



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